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Profits may not be the goal but professional management is a must

While nonprofits have a unique value proposition that many B2B and B2C marketers don’t have: a story and a mission for existing that comes to more than just selling something, in more than one aspects these organizations could adopt a thing or two from B2B2C marketing.

And the most significant capability is brand management and reputation – while nonprofits are not aiming for profits, they are “selling” ideas, for which adoption brand and corporate reputation are of paramount importance.

Strong brand management requires clear positioning and marketing and PR tools to deliver on this positioning. Obviously content marketing and digital are a must. Nonprofits must deploy most innovative content and digital tools to engage audience with the great stories they need to tell.

Next, reputation and partners relationships are of upmost importance for nonprofit organizations.

Ardency Consulting has helped tens of nonprofit organizations to build business case, to establish organizational capabilities and to deploy integrated marketing communications for reputable branding. Our team has helped nonprofits to establish relationships with different stakeholder groups, position leadership and topic at the top of public mind and achieve organizational goals.

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