There was never such an industry with so fast and disruptive innovations. The IT industry has pushed the communications professional skills to the limits.

In this fast moving environment, communications are important factor to quickly gain competitive advantage by differentiation and positive stakeholders relations. Furthermore, highly involved public sector makes it even more important to have impeccable corporate reputation.

Our senior team with many yearĐü of experience in the technology industry can help you create brand awareness and positioning, improve stakeholders and employees relations, and position you as an industry leader.

Ardency Consulting’s team has provided international ICT leaders such as HPE, Fujitsu, Atos, Oracle, EMC and SAP with local positioning, media relations and corporate and product communications.

Regional and local technology innovators we have helped with market entry and brand positioning and for local innovative startups we have developed brand idenity and story as well as brand positioning and strategic advice on business development and marketing communications. For local tech industry leaders we have even managed IPO and financial communications.

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