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The source of competitive advantage

B2B marketing is fundamental for the most recognized global brands: five of the top ten most valuable brands are B2B with many of the rest like Google and Amazon deriving their profits mostly from B2B sales.

And while this makes seven of the top ten global brands making their money from selling to other organizations, most companies are still predominantly focused on lead generation through digital as the most important marketing channel.

The problem with digital lead generation is that first, it does not bring competitive advantage and secondly – it does not allow for complete brand management. B2B companies should invest and focus on corporate reputation and brand management as precursors of successful lead generation.

The issue is particularly pressing for SMEs which lack the resources of global brands. But B2B marketing is mouch more than financial investment in lead genertion. Through ideas, strategy, planning, proper processes, technlogies and people, every B2B company can build competitive B2B marketing function.

In hundreds of projets and many years working for the world’s greatest B2B brands, Ardency Consulting has deployed innovative thought leadership, content marketing, corporate reputation and PR strategies to lead brands to market leadership and differentiates them from competition in commodity markets.

Especially in the biggest B2B and very commoditized tech industry.
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