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Technology, mobility and disruption

The transportation and automotive industry is the one with probably most uncertain future. Technology is transforming the industry with traditional players threatened by new entrants and uncertain consumer preferences. According to a recent McKinsey report: “…European automotive industry will have to master a paradigm shift from an automobile industry that sells and services vehicles to a mobility industry that offers myriad solutions for the transport of people and goods.”

Today, companies like Continental are changing their brand positioning to technology companies. Still, corporate messaging is dominated by safety, view on future of mobility and technological innovation. This requires change in communications also.

Traditional players in transportation and automotive are investing in new positioning and thought leadership on one side and attracting millenials on the other.

Ardency Consulting has worked with some of the leading global brands in the industry, helping one to leading share of media mind and providing another with innovative and brand dominating advertising strategy and execution through ATL, BTL, TTL and alternative channels. The experienced Ardency Consulting team can help you with media relations, thought leadership, corporate reputation, partners relationship management, employer branding,  content and B2B2C marketing programs for 360 degree competitive marketing and PR communications.

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