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Marketing capabilities development is at the core of organizational competitiveness. Organizations need to be able to redesign and reinvent their marketing capabilities that are aligned with organizational growth and marketing strategies. Strategically and organizationally aligned marketing capabilities will allow you to achieve surpassing the competitor’s effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing function.

Organizations face multiple challenges with building marketing capabilities. First, they need to correctly determine WHAT capabilities you need. The decision on the most appropriate marketing capabilities follows the determining of what is the long-term competitive advantage in marketing communications in the context of the marketing strategy and the organization.

Next, organizations need to address the HOW of building marketing communications capabilities. Marketing leaders to answer the following questions. Which are the processes of greatest importance to us? Which are the departments and other organizational structures that we need to connect to? Which parts of the marketing communications process are to be implemented with internal resources and which are to be outsourced? What are the available marketing and organizational assets to be deployed with marketing capabilities?

And finally, how can we INTEGRATE marketing capabilities within the organization. Every organization is unique. It has established structure, culture and ways of doing things. And the marketing department’s capabilities are affected by the organizational characteristics.

Ardency Consulting’s research is at the forefront of understanding the constructive elements of marketing capabilities and how to integrate them in the organization. We can advise on the enhancement of the required skills, processes, and assets for the most competitive marketing capabilities and guide you through the process of integrating them withing the organization.

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