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Build successful external communications based on already successful internal ones

Why do we need organizational communications? It is simple as that: because of constant business and organizational changes such as growth, losses, acquired new companies, IPOs, management changes, employees issues, etc.

Through strategic approach and consistency in execution Ardency Consulting will use innovative tools to mitigate organizational change and stregnthen corporate values among internal stakeholders.

Whether we called it change communications or internal communications, we need them for some of the following reasons:

Preparing to change working methods
Mobilizing employees around a merger or change in direction
Encouraging new ideas
Helping employees accept new choices and goals of a company
Convincing employees of new approaches or work policy
Introducing new management

The simple fact is that there can hardly be credible external communications with disengaged and unsatisfied employees and internal stakeholders. The employees can be the most credible and trusted source of information about a company.

Ardency Consulting can provide you with research among employees, creating messages and delivering consistent strategies and channels for your internal communications. For achieving our goals, we take use of most advance technologies and innovative tactics such as blogs, intranets, and e-post boxes.

Ardency Consulting has helped with Atos Origin and Siemens IT Solutions and Services merger, we have helped Holcim establish corporate values in Bulgaria, and has positioned internally new CEOs in many organizations.

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