Event management

Think big not only about the event itself but also about the overall picture, part of which it is

There is one difference between Ardency Consulting and most specialized event agencies. They will approach you and ask about your ideas and will help you implement them.

Our approach is slightly different – every event, meeting, or even a journalists conference call is part of the ongoing corporate communications. Our team will consider from step one the values you want to communicate, your brand positioning and corporate reputation. On this basis we will provide you with stringent and consistent concept aligned with your overall communications and goals.

This means, we will start with determining target audience, the appropriate message, concept of event execution, and finally – we will execute it for you.

Moreover, we will provide you with visuals to have the event as part of the common organizational memory, and even use it on your future communications. The appropriate tools can from video to webcasts.

Ivailo Borisov
Ivailo Borisov
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