EMEA ProLiant 20 Years anniversary campaign


In 2009 HP, world's leading technology company, celebrated 20 years anniversary of its probably most renowned server line - ProLiant. As part of the anniversary celebrations, HP Bulgaria engaged Ardency Consulting for developing a concept and organizing a high-level event. The client wanted to both demonstrate technological advances and to offer high-level cocktail environment. Intel was engaged as a partner in the project. 


Ardency Consulting's designated team performed extensive research and talks with HP's team to determine the past and future goals the IT company had for its ProLiant servers. As a result, jointly with the client it set several goals to be achieved by the event: demostrate ProLiant success through the years, re-launch ProLiant G6 in Bulgaria, reignite ProLiant brand in Bulgaria among partners and customers, generate sales leads, generate positive word of mouth among all stakeholders - media, customers, partners, and generate media publications.


To achieve the goals above, Ardency Consulting developed a special event concept based on several key elements. First, it was important to select a unique location that met modern with traditional and ancient. Second key element was to develop great creative that kept the global ProLiant feel but added unique Bulgarian brand and touch for the local campaign. And third, it was important to emphasize on an innovative execution mixing lights, lasers, sounds, and music to bring memorable experience to the guests.

For this purpose, Ardency Consulting's team planned out a special program that included the development of event concept, scenario, press release production and distribution, media relations assistance with interviews, collateral materials creative design and production, logistics and on-site management.


The venue

Ardency Consulting proposed the National Institute of Archeology and Museum's Central Hall where the Agency made an exhibition of major servers' milestones through real products. Mixed among the Museum's ancient exhibits, the servers' exhibition and the overall hall feeling created unique contrast and experience of the latest technology developed through time.

The hall was lighted and equipped with plasma screens, which further enhanced the "modern" feel through specifically created multimedia. Catering and server exhibits were placed on LED lighted cubicles.

The event

The event was an evening cocktail with an official part includinf statements by HP Bulgaria's general manager and senior Intel representative, and a "certificates" and award ceremony, distinguishing senior customer representatives for the latest and first implemented ProLiant server in Bulgaria.

The main goal was to juxtapose past with future - tradition with innovation.

Ardency Consulting's team achieved this via the contrast between ancient and modern. The event brought together ancient and modern not only through the building itself but also through other elements such as catering, service, sound and lights.

The major event elements included welcome drinks and food, official part with announcements from HP and Intel representatives, customer awards for latest and oldest ProLiant server, live electronic music performance and networking and media relations.

Collateral materials

Ardency Consulting designed and produced all of the event collateral materials, including floor banners, print and HTML invitation, hall branding, multimedia, and giveaways.

Developed by Ardency Consulting, the creative was unique in its approach to brand the event "The Language of Technology" and to use the history of major numerical symbols since ancient times to demonstrate all six generations of ProLiant servers.


Ardency Consulting designed and produced a chocolate box similar to HP server packaging. The giveaways were great hit both among guests and HP internally. HP Croatia contacted HP Bulgaria to copy the deliverable.


"The Language of technology"
event was a great success for HP.

HP Bulgaria's marketing peers in the EMEA region -14 countries in total that also submitted their projects - unanimously voted that Ardency Consulting's project takes #1 award for its "Language of Technology" special event.

Leaving second and third place to Denmark and Switzerland, the HP regional committee decided that the Bulgarian program was the one in which the team has worked on a very limited budget and has been able to organize an outstanding event, had excellent coverage in terms of media, partners, end customers and internal audience, and has been able to leverage of HP's look and feel. The Bulgarian event was also distinguished because of the great customer feedbacks and PR reviews it received as well as the fact that following the event the team has closed a deal of $95 K!

The event had more than 50 publications with one-to-one interviews and journalists attending the cocktail.

Still, the greatest success was the very positive response from HP's customers and partners with Computerworld's chief editor confirming that "Language of Technology" was one of the best events she has attended. The event further fortified HP's positioning in Bulgaria as the IT leader.

During the event HP closed a deal of $95 K!

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